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New Jump Swing is a health / fitness program inspired by the nutritional recommendations and philosophy of the late martial arts master and film icon Bruce Lee. This book represents over thirty years of research by the author in the areas of physical rehabilitation, sports nutrition and ethnic health disparities.


Despite having a knee disease (Osgood-Schlatter) and subsequent knee surgery on both knees, as the former celebrity chairperson for the American Heart Association-Hawaii Chapter, Jump Rope for Heart campaign, Thomas has demonstrated and taught his program to more than 60% of the school system within the state of Hawaii as well as many of its premiere fitness clubs.


Lecture Topics

New Jump Swing
Jump rope fitness program for health and athletic fitness

Maximum Performance and A Winning Attitude

Historical Use of Herbs in Maintaining Physical Fitness

Jeet Kune Do diet

Epidemic of Nutrition- related Diseases Among People of Color

Health and Women’s Liberation

Youthening: The process of maintaining health and youthful vigor throughout your entire life.

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