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The Man without Fear

#513- 523

The Most Dangerous Man Alive!

#523.1 - 529

Fantastic Four/Secret Wars tie in

Creative Masters

Writers: David Liss(513-529)

Artists:Francesco Francavilla(513-515,517,518,521-524)

Jefte Palo(516,519,520,523.1) Shawn Martinbrough(525,526,529)

Michael Avon Oeming(527,528)

The Black Panther -The Man without Fear


Daredevil The man without Fear will end with issue #512. With issue #513, DAREDEVIL morphs into BLACK PANTHER: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR under the guidance of writer David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla as the fallout of Shadowland causes a drastic shift in the landscape of the Marvel Universe.

"T'Challa is no longer the king of Wakanda, and he has no more Vibranium," says Liss, touching on recent changes to the life of his new leading man. "After the trials of DoomWar, he's looking to figure out who he is; what it means to be T'Challa without all the roles, responsibilities and powers that have defined him for so long. When an opportunity arises to relocate to Hell's Kitchen, it seems like exactly the kind of test he's looking for."

The first meeting of the two super heroes was in Daredevil #52. At that time, T'Challa discovered that Matt Murdock was Daredevil. In Daredevil #69, T'Challa reveals to Daredevil his secret identity of school teacher Luke Charles. He also reveals to Daredevil that he knows that he is Matt Murdock.

In Daredevil #92, T'Challa, at the request of Matt Murdock, impersonated Daredevil to help preserve his secret identity.

What fans must realize is that T'Challa has been demoralized. In the history of Wakanda, they have only been invaded once and that happened on his watch(DoomWar).It literally killed him.

Using Hell's Kitchen as his proving ground , aides him in regaining the confidence that he needs in order to prove himself worthy of returning to Wakanda as it's King.


"T'Challa is no long


Daredevil #52






Daredevil #69Daredevil #92
































Storm Hunter

part One



Storm Hunter

part Two


 Fear Itself


Fear and Loathing in

Hell's Kitchen

part One


Fear and Loathing in

Hell's Kitchen

part Two


Fear and Loathing in

Hell's Kitchen

part Three



The Most Dangerous Man Alive



#523 .1






Arachnids at Large!



The Kingpin of Wakanda





All Men Fear Lady Bullseye

The Kingpin of Wakanda

part Two




Here Comes the Pain

The Kingpin of Wakanda

part Three





Blood Feud








Reign's End




Fantastic Four #607 & 608

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist:Giuseppe Camuncoli

Secret Wars


Fantastic Four #607




Every Panther that has ever lived, their strength, their knowledge is now yours.

Every battle fought, Every battle won,


A crown of the unconquered

A King of Kings


Fantastic Four #608

City of the Dead















My Champion

My Black Panther









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