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For my doctoral thesis in 1977, I wrote about the effects of the media upon youth culture

(Philosophy of Divine Nutrition-1977).

Media and Youth Culture

As part of that writing, I focused on the lack of multi cultural and female super heroes within popular comic books. The Black Panther is recognized as one of the first non stereotyped super heroes of color. He is an African King who rules the nation of Wakanda. My sincere thanks to The Marvel Directory, Christopher Priest and Wikipedia for their information on this most important character. To have lived long enough to see African American and Female owned and created comic book characters, publishing companies and web sites dedicated to those multi cultural characters, fills me with great joy.


Real Name: T'Challa (pronounced Challa)like Tchaikovsky-Also pronounced with a hard T sound (Ta Challa)
Occupation: King of Wakanda, scientist,school teacher
Legal Status: Citizen of Wakanda
Identity: Publicly known
Other Aliases: Luke Charles, Black Leopard,Daredevil
Place of Birth: Wakanda, Northern Africa
Marital Status: Married/Divorced -Storm (Ororo Monroe)
Known Relatives: T'Chaka (father, deceased), N'Yami (mother, deceased), Khanata, Joshua Itobo, Ishanta, Zuni (cousins), Jakarra (half brother)
Group Affiliation: The Avengers v.1 #52, formerly Fantastic Force
Base of Operations: Wakanda, mobile
First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR v. 1 #52

T'Challa is the son of T'Chaka, who was the Black Panther before him.

At some point in the distant past, a massive meteorite comprised of the sound-absorbing mineral Vibranium crashed in Wakanda, and was only recently unearthed. Knowing that other, more powerful nations would attempt to manipulate and dominate Wakanda for this rare and valuable resource, T'Chaka concealed Wakanda from the outside world. He would sell off minute amounts of the valuable Vibranium while at the same time sending Wakanda's best scholars to university abroad, his goal being to make Wakanda one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world.

However, eventually the explorer Ulysses Klaw found his way to Wakanda, and using lies and subterfuge covered up his work on a Vibranium-powered sound-based weapon. When he was exposed, Klaw killed T'Chaka and many other Wakandans, only for his "sound blaster" to be turned on him by a grieving 13 year old T'Challa. Klaw's right hand was destroyed by the overloaded sonic weapon, and he and his men fled.

T'Challa was educated at several prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe, earning advanced degrees in physics (Ph.D.), engineering, economics, political science and psychology.

To ascend to the throne of Wakanda he was required to pass two tests: defeat six of Wakanda's greatest warriors in unarmed combat, and obtain the secret heart-shaped herb that grants the country's chieftains their powers ( Fantastic Four Unlimited #1). Successfully carrying out the dual challenge, T'Challa donned the ceremonial garb of the Black Panther, totem of the Wakandan people.

Under T'Challa, Wakanda has become one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced nations on the planet, fulfilling the dreams of his father.



In Fantastic Four #52, we are introduced to T'Challa as a young king who wants to test the abilities of the World's Mightiest Super-Team. Having successfully beaten them one by one, he would have conquered them all had not Wyatt Wingfoot( Native American friend of FF), asleep in the back of the car, intervened.

Apologizing for his deception, the Panther then joined forces with the FF to battle the deadly Klaw, finally avenging himself and his father.

Following an adventure to prevent Baron Zemo's plan to activate an orbital death ray platform(Tales of Suspense #97-99, Captain America #100), a grateful Captain America sponsored the Black Panther for membership into the Avengers#52. T'Challa accepted, but his true motives for joining were to learn whether or not these American "heroes" were a threat to Wakanda.

It was many years later that the Avengers found this out in Black Panther v.2 #8. For several years, The Black Panther assumed the role of a super hero and even adopted a "secret" identity as Harlem school teacher Luke Charles.

During his time with the Avengers, he met social worker and jazz singer Monica Lynne. Their relationship was rocky at best due to the strains of being involved with a super hero as well as a King.

Being out of his country for so long a period of time found T'Challa's throne threatened by Erik Killmonger. The role of Black Panther briefly fell into the hands of T'Challa's rival Killmonger when he defeated T'Challa in ritual combat, only for Killmonger to "die" upon eating the heart-shaped herb. T'Challa regained his authority in the minds of his people. Killmonger would also return.

The Black Panther became an Avenger in 1968 (Avengers #52).

His origin was retold in Avengers #87. When the Black Panther first joined the Avengers, he shortened his name to " The Panther".He also wore a mask that revealed his lower jaw.

He officially announced his return to Wakanda and leaving the Avengers in Avengers #88.

In Fantastic Four #119, he changed his name to The Black Leopard. When The Thing asks him why did he change his name he stated, " I contemplate a return to your country, Ben Grimm, where the later term has-political connotations. I neither condemn nor condone those that have taken up the name--but T'Challa is a law unto himself. Hence, the new name-- a minor point, at best, since the panther is a leopard." When he returned to the Avengers in Avengers #105, he proclaimed to Hawkeye-" I am not a stereotype .I am myself-and I am The Black Panther". Wizard #158, erroneously states that this occurred in Avengers #101. It is actually in Avengers #105.

In 1971, he fought back an attempt by Victor Von Doom to take over Wakanda in

Astonishing Tales #6 & 7

In 1972 at the request of Matt Murdock, he wore the Daredevil costume in Daredeveil #92

Continuing from the pages of Avengers #61
he had his first series in the pages of Jungle Action #5-24. Oct 1972- Nov 1976

-written by critically acclaimed Don McGregor as well as Roy Thomas and drawn by several artists including Gene Colan on covers as well as interiors by Buckler, Kane and Graham.

"Panther's Rage" is the first comic that was created from start to finish as a complete novel.

Running in two years' issues of Jungle Action (#'s 6 through 18), "Panther's Rage" is a 200-page novel that journeys to the heart of the African nation of Wakanda, a nation ravaged by a revolution against its king, T'Challa, the Black Panther.

His first Team-Up with Spider-Man was in 1974 in Marvel Team-Up #20 where they fought Stegron.Their second Team Up was in 1979 in Marvel Team Up #87-where they fought Hell Razor who was actually a dupe for the Roxxon Corporation. Roxxon's plan was to acquire Vibranium

Volume One of the Marvel Comics Black Panther

was written and illustrated by Jack “King” Kirby issues #1-15 Jan 1977- May 1979.

In 1978, he teamed up with The Thing in Marvel Two in One #40 & 41.

In 1979 he also appeared in Marvel Premiere #51-#53,

where he battled the KKK. This three part story takes place right after the events of Black Panther #14 & 15.

In 1988, he appeared in his first mini series , a four part series written by Peter Gillis and penciled by Denys Cowan

In 1989,Panther's Quest was presented in a 25 comic (8 pages average) story arc within the pages of Marvel Comics presents #13-37

Written by Donald F. McGregor and drawn by Gene Colan.

#13 sets the stage for the story arc. Titled " A Rumor of Life".

T'Challa goes to then Apartheid South Africa in search of his mother who has been kidnapped.

A four part Graphic Novel titled Panther's Prey

was published between May 1991-Oct of 1991

written by Don McGregor and drawn by Dwayne Turner

In 1991, he closed out the volume Marvel Fanfare #60

In 1993, he appeared in the Marvel UK comic book Black Axe- issues #4-7.

Which introduced the character Afrikaa

In 1993, he also appeared in Deathlok issues #22-25 written by Dwayne McDuffie.

Deathlok assists The Black Panther in fighting Moses Magnum who is trying to conquer Wakanda.

He reappeared with both Spider-Man and Iron Man for the Vibranium Vendetta

which ran through

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25, Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#11


Web of Spider-Man Annual #7.


Volume One under the Marvel Knights

imprint was

written by Christopher Priest and drawn primarily by Mark Texeira,

Bob Almond and Sal Velluto. Nov 1998

The Marvel Knights imprint ended with issue #16

and from

#17 until its conclusion with #62

was titled

Marvel Comics Black Panther Volume two.

The new Black Panther-Kevin Casper Cole was a New York City Narcotics Officer who finds one of T'Challa's old costumes and learns the path of Ascension (#50-62), becoming The White Tiger as a result.

Many of the covers for these issues were drawn by Andy Kubert

and the art was done by Dan Farga or Jorge Lucas.

Priest has the longest run of any writer for Black Panther with 62 issues.

Picking up somewhat where things ended in #62- The Crew was a short lived series that revolved around Rhodey Rhodes of War Machine notoriety as well as the White Tiger.

In February 2005, volume 3 of Marvel Comics MK The Black Panther series was published.

It was written by filmmaker Reginald Hudlin and drawn by artists John Romita,Jr. and Scott Eaton.

Hudlin also wrote for the MK Spider-Man series and Romita (JRjr) is a long time Amazing Spider-Man artist following in the footsteps of his father John Romita Sr.

According to interviews with Mr. Hudlin, this volume of the Black Panther is going to take a Year One approach, meaning everything you just read about the history of the Black Panther may not make it in this version.

At least for the first 6 issues Hudlin/JRjr's Panther suit is based upon the Kirby look compared to the MK look of Priest and Texeira.

Time will tell if the King of Wakanda gets the critical acclaim that he did under Priest. It appears that Hudlin is sincerely committed to the character and certainly has the talent to make the Black Panther a first tier super hero within the Marvel Universe. I suspect that if successful in popularizing this character, Hudlin would have first crack at the making of the movie.

2008 Update

As of September 21, 2008, it appears that the Hudlin run on Black Panther will end with #41. This will be the end of the Secret Invasion battle in Wakanda.

Neither Marvel Comics nor Hudlin have been forth coming on what the fate of The Black Panther and Storm will be. It also appears the Mr. Hudlin has left the employ of BET. This also brings into question the future of the proposed Black Panther cartoon.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold for The King of Wakanda. I cannot believe that Marvel has worked so hard to make him a first tier Super Hero to not continue with another series. Speculation is that the mini series-X-Men: Worlds Apart featuring Storm,the X-Men and the people of Wakanda, will be the kick off point for a new series.

2009 Update

Rumors of Mr. Hudlin's demise were greatly exaggerated. While the "See Wakanda and Die"(#39-41) final arc was written by Aaron, Reginald Hudlin has continued with the Dark Reign volume of Black Panther.


2010 Update

King T'Challa was severely injured in an explosion perpetrated by allies of Dr. Doom (DoomWar), While in a coma, Shuri, T'Challa's sister has assumed the mantle of Black Panther.

By the end of DoomWar, T'Challa has fully recovered from his injuries. He and Storm are still married.Shuri is now Princess Regent of Wakanda.

Marvel Entertainment has committed to 8 episodes of The Black Panther animated series to appear on BET under the direction of Reginald Hudlin.At least that's what we as fans thought was going to happen.At this writing (11/09)things are still on hold for the animated series. Unless the stockholders (myself included), vote down the agreement, Marvel Entertainment will be owned by Disney. I think its a great thing.

The Black Panther animated series did in fact come to fruition of BET channel. Six of the eight original episodes were aired.
" Episode 1: In a top-secret Washington meeting, Intelligence Agent Everett Ross briefs the government on the history of the Black Panther, the warrior king of the African nation, Wakanda. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Prince T'Challa wins an annual Wakanda tournament, and becomes the Black Panther. Meanwhile, a disastrous man machine hybrid is built. (Premiere Airdate: 16th January 2010

" Episode 2: Having been crowned the new Black Panther, T'Challa must contend with jealousy in the royal court while searching for the man who murdered his father. Unbeknownst to him, a deadly assassin named Klaw is assembling a team of super-villains to attack Wakanda. (Premiere Airdate: 16th January 2010

" Episode 3: A young T'Challa travels to Egypt and encounters Storm of the X-Men. While preparing to attack Wakanda, Klaw recalls how he assassinated the previous Black Panther. (Premiere Airdate: 23rd January 2010

" Episode 4: Juggernaut and the Black Knight spearhead the attack on Wakanda, and the Black Panther learns the truth about his father's murder. (Premiere Airdate: 23rd January 2010

" Episode 5:With Wakanda under siege from Klaw's team of super-villains, the Black Panther confronts the Black Knight in aerial combat; Princess Shuri must defend herself against the deadly Radioactive Man. (Premiere Airdate: 30th January 2010

Episode 6: Klaw has taken control of Wakanda, and the Black Panther races against time to save his nation from destruction. (Premiere Airdate: 30th January

2015 Update

During the Avengers vs X-Men story arc, Namor became part of the Phoenix Five. He shared the Phoenix force with Emma Frost, Cyclops, Magik and Colossus each of them imbued with a portion of the Phoenix Force to become the Phoenix Five. A mutant names Transonic is held as a prisoner in Wakanda. This causes Namor to use his Phoenix power to create giant tidal waves that swallow humans and buildings whole, drowning hundreds to thousands of Wakandans. Atlanteans invade Wakanda destroying most of it.

During The Avengers Vs The X-Men 5 part mini series #5, T'Challa and Storm have a super hero fight that ends in Storm removing her wedding ring and flying off.

In Avengers Vs X-Men #9, T'Challa announces to Storm that the High Priest of the Panther Clan has annulled their marriage. T'Challa is the High Priest of the Panther Clan.

During the New Avengers v.3- Namor meets with T'Challa in secret from the other Illuminati and offers to make peace with Wakanda. T'Challa informs him he will talk with his sister about it, but to no avail as Wakanda declares war. T'Challa meets with Namor in Necropolis and reveals to him that Namor was lied to by Shuri in her saying she was considering his offer. While Namor is with T'Challa, Wakanda makes its move and attacks Atlantis. Namor leaves and heads back to his kingdom to find it in ruins and his people slaughtered.

2016 update

In January of 2016, Marvel Studios officially announced that Ryan Coogler, director/writer of critically acclaimed films such as Creed & Fruitvale Station, will in fact helm the eighteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Black Panther. The film will star Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa and is expected to hit theaters February 16, 2018.

Marvel president Kevin Feige released this statement about Coogler, who is easily the most accomplished director Marvel has landed to date, signing on: "We are fortunate to have such an esteemed filmmaker join the Marvel family, The talents Ryan showcased in his first two films easily made him our top choice to direct 'Black Panther.' Many fans have waited a long time to see Black Panther in his own film, and with Ryan we know we've found the perfect director to bring T'Challa's story to life.

The Kings Records----so far!


Black Panther Box Office records as of Feb 19, 2018

Biggest February opening weekend:

Biggest non-sequel opening weekend:

Biggest solo superhero launch of all time:

Biggest Fri-Sun opening weekend for a long holiday debut:

Biggest long holiday opening weekend:

Biggest opening weekend ever for any movie not directed by a white guy:

Biggest-grossing movie (in North America) directed by a black filmmaker:

Biggest pre-summer opening weekend:

2nd-Biggest comic book superhero opening weekend:

2nd-biggest Sunday gross:

3rd-biggest four-day gross:

3rd-biggest non-summer opening weekend:

4th-biggest Saturday gross:

Details can be found here

Long Live the King of Wakanda


Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black-Marvel Knights--shaved bald


Strength Level: The Panther’s natural strength and abilities having been heightened by the heart-shaped herb administered only to Wakandan kings during a sacred ascension ritual. The herb is found only in Wakanda. It is estimated that T'Challa can press over head approximately 750 pounds.

Known Superhuman Powers: While not considered "super", the heart shaped herb endows T'Challa with peak human strength, peak human reflexes, and peak human senses such as enhanced hearing, smell, taste, and "night" vision.

To date, the only other person to partake of the heart shaped herb who did not die is Peter Parker. The herb was given to him by T'Challa (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 pgs.14-15) in an attempt at saving his life in the Other story arc. After explaining to Peter that only a warrior who is worthy to be a king can ingest of the heart shaped herb, he is assured by T'Challa that he is indeed worthy.

Abilities: An accomplished gymnast and acrobat, as well as an expert tracker. T'Challa is a master of several disciplines of African martial arts as well as ninjitsu techniques of hypnosis and mind control. The current writer for Black Panther-Reginald Hudlin, has expressed the idea that the Black Panther is the greatest fighter in the Marvel Universe! The Black Panther who fought Captain America in Hudlin's Black Panther #1 was T'Chaka father of T'Challa.

T'Chaka is also the Black Panther featured in the four part mini series Flags of our Fathers

Weapons: Christopher Priest's, Marvel Knights Black Panther's costume is a Vibranium micro-weave body suit which not only stops bullets, but saps their momentum. His boots' are made with Vibranium soles which can absorb sound and impact this enables him to leap from structures up to eight stories tall and land like the jungle cat he is named for.

The Panther's retractable claws contain a new composite of the experimental "anti-metal" or Antarctic Vibranium that can break down other alloys. With the use of his claws he can literally run up the sides of buildings.

T'Challa carries an energy dagger that can be fired, thrown or handled like a knife. At its highest setting, the weapon easily can cut through forged steel.

Dora Milaje "DOR-ah muh-LAH-jay". The Dora Milaje are also known as the 'adored ones.' They are highly trained in the physical arts of combat, and have aided the king in battle on a number of occasions.

They speak only with the king, and when they address him, they do so in the uncommon Wakandan dialect of Hausa.

Each of the king's two Dora Milaje is selected from one of the opposing Wakandan factions. Their position as potential wives to the king is designed to maintain peace between the two tribes: The City Dwellers and the Marsh Tribesman. This position sustains the precarious balance of peace. While the king has all physical rights to his Dora Milaje, he does not impose himself upon them. If, however, he were to indulge in their beauty, they would be unable to take a husband in the future.

Now that the Black Panther has married, it has not been discussed what the exact status of the Dora Milaje will be.

Dora Milaje

The group was founded to secure peace between the eighteen rival factions of the marsh tribes ofWakanda and the more technologically advanced capital ruled by the Black Panther. It is unknown which king specifically founded them though they were active even in the time of World War 2.

The Dora Milaje or Adored Ones as the name translates in English (Pronounced dora-meh-LAH-shay) are essentially wives in training and bodyguards for the King of Wakanda. Wakanda despite being one of the most technologically advanced place on Earth also has pockets of rural villages/tribes which make up the outer rim of the nation. These "Marsh" tribes often war with each other to determine who is of more value to the technologically advanced capital of Wakanda. They are trained usually from an early age, taken from the 18 tribes of wakanda and presented to the king who decides whether or not they are worthy of joining the ranks.
A young Dora Milaje in training will speak only to the king and only in the language of Hausa. She is forbidden from having any man touch her or touch him. To have this occur is the biggest shame they can incur.
Various martial arts and those native to Wakanda are incorporated into one style thus allowing them superior combat prowess to even the most well-trained outside soldiers and ninja.
Unarmed combat training also incorporates mostly laded weapons such as swords, spears, nun-chaku, bo-staff etc All Dora Milaje undergo multi-weapons training through out initial indoctrination. Only later can they begin specialized training in a single weapon style.
A successful Dora Milaje trainee is effectively the representative of her tribe in the capital of Wakanda thus her behavior will affect how her tribe is perceived and also affects trade with the capital. (When Nakia went rogue it was stated when her behavior became public knowledge trade with the other tribes would cease and civil war would rage)
Training continues well into adulthood though in some instances Dora are known to leave the order or get discharged.
a Stylized shaving of the head and tribal markings are customary on all Dora Milaje
Special groups
The Duo- In Black Panther vol.2 #1 the duo of Okoye and Nakia are first shown. Both accompanied him to America as his personal bodyguards.

When Nakia defected Queen Divine Justice Joined the team.
Midnight Angels- During Doomwar T'challa had a group specially trained for infiltration and outfitted them with Shadow Physics technology able to destroy even Vibranium. They infiltrated Doom's castle and partook in the battle. It's unknown if they are still together.
Civil War
Over time, the order of the Dora Milaje expanded considerably, with more than a dozen active participants from the various tribes. Their service continued even after T'Challa's marriage to Ororo.

During the Civil War, they assisted T'Challa on a few occasions, because of their quality of body-guarding.When Storm and T'Challa visited the White House, an incident led the Dora Milaje to battle War Machine and his Sentinels, and they were subsequently researched by the US government.
Later, T'Challa intended to meet Captain America, in order to organize the resistance against the Superhuman Registration Act, but was followed by the Black Widow. To get rid of her, T'Challa let two Dora Milaje confront her.
Iron Man and Cape-Killers came to the Wakandan Embassy in order to arrest the Dora Milaje who had attacked Rhodes, but was denied access to the embassy by Storm.
Dark Reign
After a fight with Doom, who cost the lives of two Dora Milaje and handicaped him for a time, T'Challa decided to initiate a specialized fighting style for the Adored Ones so they can better perform against robots and magic, which are Doom's primary weapons in battle. T'Challa set up a final test, which was a real fight, during which two Dora Milaje died among the thirty candidates.
When Doom tried to take over Wakanda, the Dora Milaje paid a large tribute, with 500 doras against the 80,000 soldiers of the Wakandan navy and army. They then were used as Shuri's army to destroy Doom's global network.
T'Challa intended to kill Doom, sending Deadpool and a commando of Dora Milaje known as the Midnight Angels.
At the last moments of the War with Thanos, the Dora Milaje rejected T'Challa, denouncing to Shuri the meetings of her brother with Namor while war was declared to Atlantis after Namor attack against Wakanda while he was under the influence of the Phoenix. They broke their spears symbolically and fully came under the orders of the Queen Shuri.



Panther's Quest


In 1989,Panther's Quest was presented in a 25 comic (8 pages average) story arc

within the pages


Marvel Comics presents


Written by Donald F. McGregor

Artist: Gene Colan.

#13 sets the stage for the story arc

Titled " A Rumor of Life"

T'Challa goes to then Apartheid South Africa in search of his mother who has been kidnapped.


part 1 of 25

A Rumor of Life

His name is T'Challa, the king of the hidden technologically advanced nation of WAKANDA.

He is also known as the Black Panther to his subjects and to the outside world. A man who merges with the dark and some swear has the abilities of his namesake the great cat.

But he is far from his homeland, prowling the hostile night outside the Black township

in South Africa.


part 2 of 25



The Black Panther has stalked the night shadows of a Black township in South Africa.

He has come on a personal quest to find the mother he has never known,to meet a man who has sworn he has proof that she is still alive.

Unfortunately the Panther is not the only one who stalks the night.








part 3 of 25

Lost Blood in

Copper Dust

The Black Panther has serepticiously entered South Africa to find out if Patrick Slade the owner of a curio store on the outskirts of a Black township, really knows if his mother is alive or not.

Before T'Challa can learn to answer to that, they are attacked by a deadly mercenary force that plays for keeps.








part 4 of 25

The Man

who loved Sunrise

The Black Panther has managed to enter South Africa secretly, to learn if a curio store owner on the outskirts of a Black township really knows if his mother is alive or dead.

The two are attacked by a mercenary leader named Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore, and both barely manage to escape from death.








part 5 of 25

Reasonable Force

The Black Panther's flesh is lacerated with barbed wire gashes caused by a mercenary names Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore. His wounds are tended by a Black goldminer named Zanti Chikane, but both men are in serious trouble. They have been sighted by South African security forces and automatic weapons are already aimed in their direction.








part 6 of 25

Naked Exposures

The Black Panther has defended himself against mercenaries lead by Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore and South African security forces since he arrived in a Black township. He has come to learn if an artifacts store owner named Patrick Slade really knows if the mother he has not seen since he was a child is still alive. Zanti Chikane, a goldminer, reluctantly give the gouged and bloodied panther aid. But this is a place imminently hostile not only to the great cat.






part 7 of 25

Battered Artifacts

The Black Panther's meeting with Patrick Slade, a store owner on the fringes of a Black township in South Africa, has been violently interrupted by mercenaries lead by Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore. Zanti Chikane a goldminer who lives in the township has become a less than enthusiastic companion to the Panther, especially since the Panther's unauthorized presence in South Africa has already made television news, and prompted Magistrate of Communications, Anton Pretorius, to promise that the Nationalist Government will make every effort to hunt the Panther down.




part 8 of 25

Hatred under Tears

Sarah Slade tells the Black Panther that she has not seen her husband Patrick but that knowledge of the Panther's missing mother has prompted him to some wild scheme.

The Panther is unaware that a man on a nearby rooftop has been spying on Slade's curio shop. And reports the arrival of Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore.

Shortly thereafter, South African troops invade the Black township with tear gas vehicles.







part 9 of 25

Justifiable Action

The Black Panther's questioning of Sarah Slade is interrupted by a tear gas assault on the Black township by South African security forces.

Zanti Chikane tries to talk himself out of following a man he knows has been spying on the Slade's curio store, but finds himself further lured into the violent intrigue surrounding the Panther.

And violent indeed they are for when Zanti returns, it is in time to witness the Panther being shot down in the streets.







part 10 of 25

Personal Risk

The Black Panther has covertly entered a Black township in South Africa, to learn if a store owner, Patrick Slade, really has evidence that could prove the mother that he has not seen since he was a child, the mother he thought dead is still alive.

The Panther's presence remains secret for less than a night.

Now South African parliament has ordered security troops into the township and the already severely wounded Panther finds himself surrounded by armed soldiers ready to kill him.







part 11 of 25

The Official Version

It is official common knowledge that the Black Panther is in a Black township in South Africa.

A sadistic mercenary named Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore has thrown the Panther in barbed wire.

The Panther's defense against soldiers has been reported on TV by Magistrate of Communications, Anton Pretorius.

A security forces Sergeant named Eugene Van der Merwe has shot the Panther. And now he is trapped!








part 12 of 25

Voices heard,

voices ignored

Zanti Chikane is a goldminer living in a Black township in South Africa who stumbles upon a bleeding and barbed wire torn Black Panther on his way to work.

Fortunately he hasn't run into the mercenary Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore who threw the Panther into the barbed wire.

But close contact with the Panther has increased Zanti's risk of danger-the last a fight with South African security forces.

Now Zanti has to make a decision that may cost him his life.







part 13 of 25

"A Right to Kill"

Magistrate of Communications, Anton Pretorius has a problem.

The problem is the Great Cat who prowls a Black township.

Anton has another problem. One of his colleagues Minister of Security Doeke Riebeeck, who is outrages at the Panther's violent confrontations with South African security forces.

And Sergeant Eugene Van der Merwe has suffered humiliation and defeat at the hands of the Panther...and is determined to have a return bout, but this time...He will win!









part 14 of 25


going to Pay"


The Black Panther has not seen his mother since he was a young child.

A curio shop owner named Patrick Slade claims she is alive in South Africa.

But when the King of the Wakandans tries to investigate he has many people trying to stop him. Zanti Chikane, a Black goldminer has taken a stand to help the Panther against South African security forces, and leads the Great Black Cat to the house of a man who has been spying on Slade's curio store.

But the Panther and Zanti aren't the only ones interested in the Spy.





part 15 of 25

" Last Night

I wept for


So you think you have troubles Bunkie?

Since his arrival in South Africa, the Panther has been thrown into barbed wire, beaten with clubs,tear gassed, shot and now a mob called the Comrads has thrown gasoline on him and set him afire.

And all this without having a cup of morning coffee.

Now that's what you call trouble.









part 16 of 25

"Lost Promises"

In the humid South African night battle wages between opposing forces in a Black township.

A vigilante group called the Comrads clashes with the "Fathers" and T'Challa the King of the Wakandas.

The Great Black Cat is moved by the efforts of a young boy who tries to save his life... and now faces death












part 17 of 25

"Lost Promises"

The Great Cat despairs, his quest to find his mother in South Africa seems almost inconsequential now.

Theodore Olebogeng has died.

He should try to meet Patrick Slade, the curio shop owner whose mysterious message brought him to the land of apartheid.

But the heart has gone out of the Black Panther.

Life has died and his quest is dying.






part 18 of 25

"So many

Nameless Enemies"

If you missed last issue you missed the Black Panther finally finding Patrick Slade,again.

A shadowy night meeting in Slades curio shop is interrupted by Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore and his mercenaries.

You also missed Minister of Security Doeke Riebeeck and Sergeant Eugene Van der Merwe and South African security forces hot on the trail of the Panther.

Bet you wished you hadn't missed that last chapter.




part 19 of 25


The Black Panther and Zanti Chikane battle Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore's mercenaries and Patrick Slade's curio shop.

Slade's throat has been slit and his memories of how he learned about the Panther's mother silenced.

Minister of Security Doeke Riebeeck and Sergeant Eugene Van der Merwe are closing in fast on the scene of carnage.








part 20 of 25

"Great Cat

in the

City of Gold"

When you look at the splash page of Johannesburg, resplendent in illuminated golden architecture, you'll probably figure you missed a chapter of Panther's Quest.

But you haven't.

The Great Cat has left the dusty township and prowls the wealthy, glimmering city in search of prey.













part 21 of 25

"Loosing Control"

Well gang, you don't really think we can recap twenty chapters in three or four sentences do you?

Of course not , and anyhow, you've all been following the Panther's harrowing quest through South Africa trying to locate his mother- so what do you need with a re-cap?

And to heck with those naysayers who wonder if Terry Kavanaugh and Don McGregor are in their right minds for running a twenty five part serial.

We have faith in you gang. We know you aren't asking what those effendi without faith might ask. ( Why twenty five?)

To which Terry and Don answer.

"Because it wasn't thirty."







part 22 of 25

"Saying Goodbye"

Minister of Security Doeke Riebeeck and Sergeant Eugene Van der Merwe have discovered the Black Panther's Sonar Glider.

T'Challa, the King of the Wakandas, fights valiantly to reclaim the fantastic aircraft, knowing it can take him to Devil's Peak where his quest to find his mother might finally end.

But during the melee to get the glider back, the man he has forged a deep friendship with Zanti Chikane is shot by Van der Merwe












part 23 of 25


The Black Panther

approaches Magistrate of Communications, Anton Pretorius secluded estate atop Devil's Peak.

His quest to find his mother beckons at this magnificent fortress.

But there are many barriers the Great Cat must overcome before he can even learn if his mother is alive.





part 24 of 25


The Black Panther

is pursued by mercenaries and Doberman Pinschers through the wooded grounds of Anton Pretorius' estate.

He has nearly eluded them when he steps into a vicious bear trap.

Now the great cat is at their mercy.






part 25 of 25

"Dawn Reunion"

If the Panther

wants to learn if his mother resides within Anton Pretorius' elegant mansion he must survive his battle with the psychotic mercenary Elmer "Sex n Violence" Gore.

At the moment Gore is winning. While doing cartoon impressions, Gore is drowning the Great Cat in a beautiful huge swimming pool.

Dawn is on the horizon but the Panther might not get to see it.



While the twenty five part story arc was ground breaking in it's concept and the goal of searching for his long lost mother noble,

Panther Quest must be examined from the perspective of

established powers and weapons of T'Challa

The sadistic brutality inflicted upon the Black Panther within this story arc defies comparison to any other Marvel character.

Yet, The Back Panther is described by Marvel Comics as having an almost limitless access to weaponry.

Story arc descriptions taken verbatim from

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