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Captain America



Klaws of the Panther

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Panther's Prey

First encounter with Dr. Doom

Flags of our Fathers


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Peter B. Gillis(1-4)


Denys B.Cowan (1-4)


Limited Series #1

A Hero No More

Cry, The Acursed Country!



Limited Series #2

Enter: The Supremacists!

For duty, for Honor,

for country!


Limited Series #3

To Save a Nation

The Moorbecx Communique!


Limited Series #4

Man,Beast, God!

A Cat can look at a KING...


Panther's Prey

Writer: Don McGregor (1-4)

Artist: Dwayne Turner (1-4)






Panther's Prey #1

Homes / A gargoyle breaking free / One razored edge of time / Tombs and prisons / Bad timing / What do you know about love? / A slice of Wakandan pizza / A reasonable tormentor / Shadows clashing




Panther's Prey #2

Easy to die here / Chronicle 1: A brief history of heart shaped herbs / This is going to hurt you more than it does me / Personal accountability / The man who left bitter memories / A fear of boredom / The prison bars are there you just can't see them / Chasing it / Daybreak highs and lows / Chronicle 2: One invocation in the sacred Panther ceremony / Scandalous behavior


Panther's Prey #3

Chronicle 3: Some modernistic theories on effects of the annointment poultice and the powers of the great cat / Smokey nights / The great cat can't help this time / A death without meaning, a death with meaning / Passion and consequences



Panther's Prey #4

Prey for the night / Buried alive / The price is blood / Solitaire showdown / A formal satellite announcement / Matrimonial reactions / Welcoming party / The snake's ears / Last chances / Epilogue




First encounter with

Dr. Doom

Writer:Larry Leiger (6)

Gerry Conway(7)

Artist: George Tuska(6)

Gene Colan(7)


Astonishing Tales #6

The tentacles of the tyrant!

Astonishing Tales #7

...And if I be called traitor--!


Captain America and Black Panther

Flags of our Fathers


Writer : Reginald Hudlin (1-4)

Artist: Denys Cowan (1-4)











Vibranium is a rare, naturally occurring metallic substance,
theorized to be of extraterrestrial origin, which exists in two forms.

The first, Wakandan Vibranium, is found alm
ost exclusively in the tiny African nation of Wakanda. Wakandan Vibranium, though as yet unknown means, absorbs vibratory energy in its vicinity, such as sound waves, with in itself. The apparent observable vibratory rate of the molecules of the Vibranium itself does not increase when the Vibranium absorbs mechanical energy. The outside vibratory energy is stored within the bonds between the molecules making up the Vibranium. As a result, a chunk of Vibranium, which has absorbed a considerable amount of vibratory energy, would be exceedingly hard to demolish. If enough force were applied to this chunk to smash it the Vibranium would explode, releasing much of the absorbed energy. There are limits to the capacity of Vibranium to absorb vibratory energy, although the exact extent of these limits has not yet been determined. For example, in recent years the oil conglomerate Roxxon discovered that a certain small island in the South Atlantic had a foundation composed of Wakandan Vibranium. Roxxon found it necessary to destroy the island and blew it up with bombs. Unable to absorb the force of the explosion, the Vibranium was destroyed, but it did succeed in entirely absorbing the sound made by the explosion.
It was in the mid 80's that the world learned of the existence Wakandan Vibranium, although its existence has been rumored for decades. In the early 1940s a small amount of Wakandan Vibranium came into the possession of the young, brilliant scientist Dr. Myron MacLain. Through an accident, which cannot be duplicated, MacLain created an alloy of Wakandan Vibranium and a form of Adamantium steel. The sole specimen of this alloy now serves as Captain America's shield.
Sometime later the renegade scientist Ulysses Klaw, who had believed the rumors of Vibranium were true, found the great "sacred mound" of Vibranium in Wakanda. The chieftains, also known as kings, of the Wakandans had guarded the mound for generations as a sacred trust. Klaw failed in his attempt to steal Vibranium from the mound but killed the chieftain T'Chaka. T'Chaka's son T'Challa became the new king of the Wakandans and also adopted the sacred guise of the Black Panther. T'Challa strove to end Wakanda's isolation from the rest of the world. He made the existence of Vibranium known to the outside world and sold small quantities of it to foreigners whom he believed would not turn it to harmful ends. T'Challa used the profits to enrich and modernize his nation.
The other form, Antarctic Vibranium, has thus far been found in nature only in the isolated region of Antarctica known as the Savage Land. Antarctic Vibranium is also known as "Anti-Metal" due to its effects. Whereas Wakandan Vibranium absorbs vibratory energy into its molecular bond, Antarctic Vibranium, through a means that is not yet understood, emanates vibrations, which cause the atomic molecular bonds in nearby metals of other kinds to weaken. The result is to cause nearby solid metals to liquefy. If huge quantities of Antarctic Vibranium were gathered together, at some unknown point the accumulated mass would be so great that the vibrations given off by the entire mass would increase logarithmically as more Vibranium was added. Theoretically, if the enormous mound of Wakandan Vibranium were composed of Antarctic Vibranium instead, the resulting vibrations would therefore liquefy metals throughout Africa, and possibly beyond. A fraction of the sacred mound of Wakandan Vibranium was apparently converted to Antarctic Vibranium by particle bombardment. It is not known what the Wakandans have done with this artificially created Antarctic Vibranium.
Vibranium is not an element, despite various references to it as such. The properties of Vibranium do not qualify it to fill any gaps in the Periodic Table of Elements. Moreover, Vibranium could not be an element with a higher atomic weight than any known elements, since it is not radioactive as the elements with the highest atomic weights are.
First Appearance: (Antarctic Vibranium) DAREDEVIL #13, (Wakandan Vibranium) FANTASTIC FOUR #53

Kirby Volume-Volume 1


Edited,written,drawn:Jack Kirby:(1-12)

#13-Plot-Jim Shooter-Writer-Ed Hannigan(13-15

Artist-Jerry Bingham(13-15)

Black Panther #1 v.1

King Solomon's frog!


Black Panther #2 v.1

The Six-Million Year Man


Black Panther #3 v.1

Race against time


Black Panther #4 v.1

Friends or foes


Black Panther #5 v.1

Quest for the sacred water-skin!!


Black Panther #6 v.1

A cup of youth


Black Panther #7 v.1



Black Panther #8 v.1

Panthers or pussycats?


Black Panther #9 v.1

Black Musketeers


Black Panther #10 v.1

This world shall die!


Black Panther #11 v.1

Kiber the cruel


Black Panther #12 v.1

The Kiber clue


Black Panther #13 v.1

What is... and what should never be


Black Panther #14 v.1

The Panther vs. the Klan 6/10: The beasts in the jungle!


Black Panther #15 v.1

The Panther vs. the Klan 7/10: Revenge of the Black Panther!


"Panther vs. the Klan" starts in Jungle Action #17-24.

It then picks up as a subplot in Black Panther v.1 #14–15

before being concluded in

Marvel Premiere #51–53.

Marvel Premiere


Black Panther

continues story arc from

Black Panther #15

Writer-Ed Hannigan(51-53)

Artist:Jerry Bingham(51-53)




The Killing

of Windeagle



At Last! T'Challa battles the Klan!


through the Past




The Rage of the Soul Strangler!

The Ending,

in Anger!




Black Axe

Writer:Simon Jowett (5-7)

Artist: Edmund Perryman (5-7)



Introducing Afrikaa

Afrikaa Aflame

Black Panther at Bay!

Afrikaa at Bay!


Heavy Weapons!

Afrikaa at War


Catalogue of Black Super Heroes

















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