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It gives me great pleasure to share with you my collection of the King of Wakanda-The Black Panther. For my doctoral thesis in 1977, I wrote about the effects of the media upon youth culture (Philosophy of Divine Nutrition-1977). As part of that writing I focused on the lack of multi cultural and female super heroes within popular comic books. The Black Panther is recognized as one of the first non stereotyped super heroes of color. He is an African King who rules the nation of Wakanda. My sincere thanks to The Marvel Directory, Christopher Priest and Wikipedia for their information on this most important character.

Real Name: T'Challa (pronounced Challa)
Occupation: King of Wakanda, scientist
Legal Status: Citizen of Wakanda
Identity: Publicly known
Other Aliases: Luke Charles, Black Leopard
Place of Birth: Wakanda, Northern Africa
Marital Status: Single/Divorced
Known Relatives: T'Chaka (father, deceased), N'Yami (mother, deceased), Khanata, Joshua Itobo, Ishanta, Zuni (cousins), Jakarra (half brother)
Group Affiliation: The Avengers v.1 #52, formerly Fantastic Force
Base of Operations: Wakanda, mobile
First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR v. 1 #52

T'Challa is the son of T'Chaka, who was the Black Panther before him. At some point in the distant past, a massive meteorite comprised of the sound-absorbing mineral Vibranium crashed in Wakanda, and was only recently unearthed. Knowing that other, more powerful nations would attempt to manipulate and dominate Wakanda for this rare and valuable resource, T'Chaka concealed Wakanda from the outside world. He would sell off minute amounts of the valuable Vibranium while at the same time sending Wakanda's best scholars to university abroad, consequently turning Wakanda into one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. However, eventually the explorer Ulysses Klaw found his way to Wakanda, and using lies and subterfuge covered up his work on a Vibranium-powered sound-based weapon. When he was exposed, Klaw killed T'Chaka and many other Wakandans, only for his "sound blaster" to be turned on him by a grieving 13 year old T'Challa. Klaw's right hand was destroyed by the overloaded sonic weapon, and he and his men fled.

T'Challa was educated at several prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe, earning advanced degrees in physics (Ph.D.), engineering, economics, political science and psychology. To ascend to the throne of Wakanda he was required to pass two tests: defeat six of Wakanda's greatest warriors in unarmed combat, and obtain the secret heart-shaped herb that grants the country's chieftains their powers. Successfully carrying out the dual challenge, T'Challa donned the ceremonial garb of the Black Panther, totem of the Wakandan people.

Under T'Challa, Wakanda has become one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced nations on the planet.

In Fantastic Four #52, we are introduced to T'Challa as a young king who wants to test the abilities of the World's Mightiest Super-Team, beating them one by one, he would have conquered them all had not Wyatt Wingfoot, asleep in the back of the car, intervened. Apologizing for his deception, the Panther then joined forces with the FF to battle the deadly Klaw, finally avenging himself and his father.

In Avengers #52,following an adventure to prevent Baron Zemo's plan to activate an orbital death ray platform, a grateful Captain America sponsored the Black Panther for membership into the Avengers. Panther accepted, but his true motives for joining were to learn whether or not these American "heroes" were a threat to Wakanda. It was many years later that the Avengers found this out in Black Panther v.2 #8.For several years, The Black Panther assumed the role of a super hero and even adopted a "secret" identity as Harlem school teacher Luke Charles.

During his time with the Avengers, he met social worker and jazz singer Monica Lynne. Their relationship was rocky at best due to the strains of being involved with a super hero as well as a King.

Being out of his country for so long a period of time found T'Challa's throne threatened by Erik Killmonger. The role of Black Panther briefly fell into the hands of T'Challa's rival Killmonger when he defeated T'Challa in ritual combat, only for Killmonger to die upon eating the heart-shaped herb. T'Challa regained his authority in the minds of his people and went on to establish Wakanda as a world power.

The Black Panther became an Avenger in 1968 (Avengers #52). He origin was retold in Avengers #87.When the Black Panther first joined the Avengers, he shortened his name to " The Panther". In Fantastic Four #119, he changed his name to The Black Leopard. When The Thing asks him why did he change his name he stated, " I contemplate a return to your country, Ben Grimm, where the later term has-political connotations. I neither condemn nor condone those that have taken up the name--but T'Challa is a law unto himself. Hence, the new name-- a minor point, at best, since the panther is a leopard." When he returned to the Avengers he proclaimed to Hawkeye-" I am myself-and I am The Black Panther". Wizard #158, erroneously states that this occurred in Avengers #101. A 24 K No Prize to the first person to email me with the correct issue.

He had his first series in the pages of Jungle Action #5-24. Oct 1972- Nov 1976-written by critically acclaimed Don McGregor as well as Roy Thomas and drawn by several artists including Gene Colan on covers as well as interiors by Buckler, Kane and Graham. Marvel had produced many great comics in the '60s and '70s, but "Panther's Rage" is the first comic that was created from start to finish as a complete novel. Running in two years' issues of Jungle Action (#'s 6 through 18), "Panther's Rage" is a 200-page novel that journeys to the heart of the African nation of Wakanda, a nation ravaged by a revolution against its king, T'Challa, the Black Panther.

Volume One of the Marvel Comics Black Panther was written and illustrated by Jack “King” Kirby issues #1-15 Jan 1977- May 1979.

In 1979 he also appeared in Marvel Premiere #51-#53, where he battled the KKK. This three part story takes place right after the events of Black Panther #14 &15

In 1988, he appeared in his first mini series , a four part series written by Peter Gillis and penciled by Denys Cowan

In 1989,Panther's Quest was presented in a 25 comic (8 pages average) story arc within the pages of Marvel Comics presents #13-25. Written by Donald F. McGregor and drawn by Gene Colan.#13 sets the stage for the story arc. Titled " A Rumor of Life". T'Challa goes to then Apartheid South Africa in search of his mother who has been kidnapped.

A four part Trade paperback Limited Series titled Panther’s Prey was published between May 1991-Oct of 1991 written by Don McGregor and drawn by Dwayne Turner

Volume One under the Marvel Knights imprint was written by Christopher Priest and drawn primarily by Mark Texeira, Bob Almond and Sal Velluto. Nov 1998

The Marvel Knights imprint ended with issue #16 and from #17 until it conclusion with #62 was Marvel Comics Black Panther Volume two.

The new Black Panther-Kevin “Casper” Cole was a New York City Narcotics Officer who finds one of T’Challa’s old costumes and learns the path of Ascension (#50-62), becoming The White Tiger as a result. Many of the covers for these issues were drawn by Andy Kubert and the art was done by Dan Farga or Jorge Lucas. Priest continued on until its conclusion at #62.

Picking up somewhat where things ended in #62- The Crew was a short lived series that revolved around Rhodey Rhodes of War Machine notoriety as well as the White Tiger.

In February 2005, volume 3 of Marvel Comics MK The Black Panther series was published. It is being written by filmmaker Reginald Hudlin and drawn by artist John Romita, Jr. Hudlin is also writing for the MK Spider-Man series and Romita (JRjr) is a long time Amazing Spider-Man artist following in the footsteps of his father John Romita Sr.. According to interviews with Mr. Hudlin, this volume of the Black Panther is going to take a Year One approach, meaning everything you just read about the history of the Black Panther may not make it in this version. The Panther suit is based upon the Kirby look compared to the MK look of Priest and Texeira. Already after only one issue, there are those who are screaming (NON CONTINUITY). Time will tell if the King of Wakanda gets the critical acclaim that he did under Priest. It appears that Hudlin is sincerely committed to the character and certainly has the talent to make the Black Panther a first tier super hero within the Marvel Universe. I suspect that if successful in popularizing this character, Hudlin would have first crack at the making of the movie.

In January of 2016, Marvel Studios officially announced that Ryan Coogler, director/writer of critically acclaimed films such as Creed & Fruitvale Station, will in fact helm the eighteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Black Panther. The film will star Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa and is expected to hit theaters February 16, 2018.

Marvel president Kevin Feige released this statement about Coogler, who is easily the most accomplished director Marvel has landed to date, signing on: "We are fortunate to have such an esteemed filmmaker join the Marvel family, The talents Ryan showcased in his first two films easily made him our top choice to direct 'Black Panther.' Many fans have waited a long time to see Black Panther in his own film, and with Ryan we know we've found the perfect director to bring T'Challa's story to life."

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, MK v.1 -shaved bald

Strength Level: The Panther’s natural strength and abilities having been heightened by the heart-shaped herb administered only to Wakandan kings during a sacred ascension ritual. The herb is found only in Wakanda. It is estimated that T'Challa can press over head approximately 750 pounds.

Known Superhuman Powers: While not considered "super", the heart shaped herb endows T'Challa with peak human strength, peak human reflexes, and peak human senses such as enhanced hearing, smell, taste, and "night" vision.

Abilities: An accomplished gymnast and acrobat, as well as an expert tracker. T'Challa is a master of several disciplines of African martial arts as well as ninjitsu techniques of hypnosis and mind control. The current writer for Black Panther-Reginald Hudlin, has expressed the idea that the Black Panther is the greatest fighter in the Marvel Universe! The Black Panther who fought Captain America in Hudlin's Black Panther #1 was T'Chaka father of T'Challa.

Weapons: Christopher Priest's, Marvel Knights Black Panther's costume is a Vibranium micro-weave bodysuit which not only stops bullets, but saps their momentum. His boots' are made with Vibranium soles which can absorb sound and impact that enables him to leap from structures up to eight stories tall and land like the jungle cat he is named for.

The Panther's retractable claws contain a new composite of the experimental "anti-metal" Vibranium that can break down other alloys. With the use of his claws he can literally run up the sides of buildings.

T'Challa carries an energy dagger that can be fired, thrown or handled like a knife. At its highest setting, the weapon easily can cut through forged steel.

Dora Milaje. DOR-ah muh-LAH-jay. The Dora Milaje are also known as the 'adored ones.' They are highly trained in the physical arts of combat, and have aided the king in battle on a number of occasions. They speak only with the king, and when they address him, they do so in the uncommon Wakandan dialect of Hausa.

Each of the king's two Dora Milaje is selected from one of the opposing Wakandan factions. Their position as potential wives to the king is designed to maintain peace between the two tribes: The City Dwellers and the Marsh Tribesman. This position sustains the precarious balance of peace. While the king has all physical rights to his Dora Milaje, he does not impose himself upon them. If, however, he were to indulge in their beauty, they would be unable to take a husband in the future

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Fantastic Four #52

First appearance of T'Challa

The Black Panther


Fantastic Four #53

Second appearance



The Black Panther




Fantastic Four #119

Name changed


Black Leopard







Name returns


Black Panther




Captain America #100





















Fantastic Four

Unlimited #1

The Heart Shaped Herb





Jungle Action #5 picks up immediately after the events of Avengers v1. #61



Some say

the World will end in fire

Some say in Ice!

Jungle Action


The Black Panther


Writer:Roy Thomas (5,23) Don McGregor(6-22,24)

Artist: John Buscema (5) Rich Buckler (6,7,8)

Gil Kane/Klaus Janson(9) Billy Graham/Klaus Janson (10-12)Billy Graham(13-21)

Billy Graham/ Rich Buckler(22) Gene Colan(23)Rich Buckler /Keith Pollard (24)

"Panther vs. the Klan", ran as mostly 17-page stories in

Jungle Action #19–24 (Jan.-Nov. 1976),

except for issue #23, a reprint of Daredevil #69 (Oct. 1970),

in which the Black Panther guest-starred


The Day of

the Man-Ape







The Man called




Panther's Rage




Death Regiments

Beneath Wakanda



Panther's Rage




Malice by

Crimson Moonlight



Panther's Rage




But Now the Spears

are Broken





Panther's Rage



King Cadaver is Dead


Living in Wakanda




Panther's Rage



Once you Slay

the Dragon





Panther's Rage



Blood Stains on

Virgin Snow





Panther's Rage



The God Killer





Panther's Rage





There are


Lurking in Paradise



Panther's Rage





Thorns in the Flesh

Thorns in the Mind




Panther's Rage





And All our

Past Decades

have seen Revolutions


Panther's Rage





Of Shadows

and Rages

Conclusion to

Panther's Rage








of Death









Sacrifice of Blood




"Panther vs.

the Klan"




Slaughter in the Streets

They told me a Myth

I wanted to Believe

"Panther vs.

the Klan"




A Cross Burning


Blackening the Night

"Panther vs.

the Klan"



Death Riders

on the Horizon


"Panther vs.

the Klan"



A Life on the Line





Daredevil #69


Wind Eagle



"Panther vs.

the Klan"


Panther's Rage is comprised of Jungle Action #6-18


Black Panther Vs The KKK

Jungle Action #19- pt.1/10
Jungle Action #20- pt.2/10
Jungle Action #21- pt.3/10
Jungle Action #22- pt.4/10
Jungle Action #24- pt.5/10



the Klan"

Panther v1 #14 -pt.6/10

Panther v1 #15 -pt.7/10

Marvel Premiere #51-pt. 8/10
Marvel Premiere #52-pt. 9/10
Marvel Premiere #53-pt. 10/10



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