#-1 through 25





Creative Masters

Writers:Tom DeFalco(Flashback),Stan Lee(1-25)

Artists: Joe Bennett(Flashback),Steve Ditko(1-25)

The Marvel Chronology Project has done a commendable job of documenting the Chronology of Spider-Man which includes many references to Flashbacks within 616 Spider-Man continuity.

Please make sure to study the Key in order to understand how to read the Chronology.

Spiderfan.org has also developed a Spider-Man Continuity Guide referred to as SMURF(Spider-Man Universe Reading Flow)This is a work in progress.

Within Amazing Spider-Man continuity the history of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man includes


as well as


With Great Responsibility #1-4



INTERTWINED with The Untold Tales of Spider-Man Comic book series

from Amazing Spider-Man #7 through 24

The Untold Tales of Spider-Man

published in 1977 by Kurt Busiek and Stan Lee,

are also a part of Spider-Man continuity

These stories include

"Side by Side with the Astonishing Ant-Man-between Amazing Spider-Man #2 & 3

"After the First Death ..."vacinity of Amazing Spider-Man #10

"Celebrity" shortly before Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

"Better Looting through Chemistry" a few weeks after Amazing Spider-Man #36

"Identity Crisis" few weeks prior to Amazing Spider-Man #39

"The Doctor's Dilemma" shortly after Amazing Spider-Man #42

"Moving Day" draws on the events of last page of AS-M #46

"The Liar" shortly after Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5

"Deadly Force" three weeks after Amazing Spider-Man #122

"The Ballad of Fancy Dan" right after Amazing Spider-Man #146

"Poison in the Soul" takes place around the events of Amazing Spider-Man #183-184

"Livewires" shortly after Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #45

"Arms and the Man" right after Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15


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Amazing Spider-Man #-1 to 24

comics can be found in

# -1

Where have all the heroes Gone?




The Chamelon Strikes








Duel to the death with the Vulture



#3 PGX 4.0

vs. Doctor Octopus




Nothing can stop the Sandman



#5 CGC 2.5

Marked for destruction by Dr. Doom




Face to Face with the Lizard




The Vultures Return





The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain




#9 CGC 4.0

The Man called Electro





The Enforcers






Turning Point





Unmasked by Dr. Octopus





The Menace of Mysterio




#14 PGX 4.5

The Grotesque Adventure of The Green Goblin




Kraven The Hunter





Spidey battles Daredevil





The Return of the Green





The End of Spider-Man





Spidey strikes Back




The Coming of the Scorpion




Where flies the Beetle




The Clown and his Masters of Menace






The Goblin and the Gangsters


Spider-Man goes Mad


Captured by J.Jonah Jameson




To complete my collection of Amazing Spider-Man v.1,

I need issue #1 along with Amazing Fantasy #15

My collection includes

All other volumes,mini series and One shots within

the original Marvel Spider-Man Universe

(Every possible Variant cover NOT included)


In 9/07, I sold my complete collection of the Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-girl so that I could concentrate on Amazing Spider-Man both in comic book and Hard Cover.

Brand New Day is Here!

But the continuity that makes up the Spider-Man Mythos is Immortal!
Within the Modern Age of Spider-Man,only that which logically fits within the Mythos will survive.


Spidey rules


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