Brand New Day


Creative Masters include but not limited to

Writers:Dan Slott(546-548,559-561,564,568-575,581,582),Marc Guggenheim(546,549-551,564-567,574),Bob Gale(546,552-554,558,562-564), Joe Kelly(575,576), Marc Waid(578,579),Zeb Wells(5546,555-557,577),Roger Stern(580)

Artists:John Romita,Jr.(546,568-573),Phil Jeminez(552-554,565-567),Steve McNiven(546-548),Marcos Martin(559-561), Len Weeks(580), Barry Kitson(558,574), Mike McKone(562,563,581,582), Chris Bachalo(555-557,575,576,578,579),Paola Rivera(577)Klaus Janson(582),Len Weeks(580),Salvador Larroca(549-551),Mike Deodato(546),Bryan Hitch(546 variant cover),Phil Winslade(546),Greg Land(546),John Romita,Sr.(549 variant cover)


While not considered Volume 3 of Amazing Spider-Man,

Brand New Day Reboots the history of Peter Parker/Amazing Spider-Man.

As a result of the events in One More Day, Peter is once again living with Aunt May, he and MJ were never married,although most events that took place between them did, just not as a married couple.Everything that happened in the past continuity of Amazing Spider-Man STILL HAPPENED.NO ONE knows his secret identity and the mechanical web shooters are BACK!

By far, the most controversial period in the history of The Amazing Spider-Man



Brand New Day




#546 Sketch

Brand New Day




#546 Hitch

Brand New Day




#546 Finch

Brand New Day





Crimes of the Heart






Blood Ties






Who's that Girl?





#549 Romita

Who's that Girl?

DF COA 58/1500




#549 Finch

Who's that Girl?







The Menace of Menace







Manhattan Menace Mystery

Menace to Society






Just Blame Spider-Man







Adi Granov

Just Blame Spider-Man













The Fiery Fury of Freak







Sometimes it Snows in April







Sometimes it Snows in April





Beware! The Mayan Iceman Cometh






Blood on the Ice






Freak the Third






Freakshow's Over






Flat Out Crazy






From Papercuts to Flatline





Criminal Cavalcade







Crisis on Coney Island

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Sham




Perfect Strangers






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